The process

Understanding the bail process

When a person is arrested, he, his relative or his friend contacts the bondsman to arrange for bail. Depending on the defendant’s financial circumstances, he might need a co-signer (also known as an indemnitor) to qualify for bail.

The defendant and/or his co-signer will pay the bond fee and sign a contract guaranteeing that he’ll appear in court. After this, the defendant is released into the bail agent’s custody.

What happens when you fail to appear in court?

If the defendant fails to appear for trial at the time and place appointed by the court, he and/or his co-signer are liable for the full amount of the bond and any expenses incurred by the bondsman.

Bondsman and bail paperwork

After the paperwork for the bond is completed, the bondsman tenders the bond to the court clerk, who in turn issues a release. Depending on the county, the bond can also be presented to the jail directly.

Bondsman to help you throughout the bail process

Upon release, the bondsman counsels the defendant on his obligations and court appearance dates. To learn more about the bail process, call Jordan Bonding Co today. We give FREE information on bail bond.

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