Being a bail bond agent

What it takes to be a good bail bond agent

Too often, a new bail bond agent is not afforded training and education over and above the 16 hours required for licensure, which will possibly result in a very short, failed career, and financial loss. Jan Jordan provides hands-on, in-house training that will ensure an agent being in business for the long run.

Jan has a degree in education from SMU and knows how to effectively teach a new agent how to avoid the many pitfalls that can easily happen in the bonding business. This is a risky business where you’re not being paid to take risks. He teaches proper underwriting principles which, if followed, will keep losses from happening.

Benefit from Jan Jordan's 58 years of experience

Learning the statutes governing this profession is the easy part. However, learning how to apply them in any given situation is not taught by the pre-license school given by the state Insurance Commission. This is what Jan teaches. His experience of 58 years will be extremely valuable to any newcomer to the business.

Do you want to be a bail bond agent?

As the general agent for International Fidelity Insurance Company (IFIC), our company is always looking for good agents to represent us throughout Oklahoma. In order to become an agent, you must be an Oklahoma resident with a high school degree or GED, pass certain background checks, and attend a 2-day course in Oklahoma City

Count on us for a successful career in bonding

If you’re already a licensed agent in Oklahoma and are looking for new opportunities, call Jan Jordan directly at 918-683-4671, and let him tell you why Jordan Bonding Co and IFIC are the most trusted and respected bail bond employers in the State of Oklahoma. When it comes to offering agents the most rewarding careers, we have no competition!

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