All about bail

What is bail?

Whether you’re getting a bail bond for yourself or helping someone close to you, the bail process can be complicated and confusing. Jordan Bonding Co will answer all your questions and confusions regarding the process. We provide a 24-hour service.

When someone is arrested in the United States, with few exceptions, they can be freed from jail by posting a bond, which is intended to assure that they will return to court when required. Many people, however, cannot afford to post bond, which is where the bond agent comes in. We act as your agent and post the bond for you so you can get out and continue to work and live your life while your case is ongoing.

Deal with a licensed bail agent

In Oklahoma, bail bondsmen are licensed and regulated by the Oklahoma Insurance Department. They are also required to be members of the Oklahoma Bondsman Association. Jordan Bonding is the oldest and most-respected bail bond agent in Oklahoma.

Trust our 58 years of experience

Our locally owned and operated business was founded by Jan Jordan in 1964. You should trust Oklahoma's longest-serving bail bondsman and his bail bond agents. Contact us for more information.

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